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what to do with inheritance

Not sure what to do with your inheritance? Here’s where to start

Working out what to do with your inheritance can be very difficult and emotional for many people – and so lots of us end up not really making a proper

Spread of food at a party

On Women, Food and Money

Food and Money have a lot in common. Yes, really! Have you ever been on a diet? One where you had to count calories, follow a strict meal plan or

My recommendations for budgeting apps

My Top 5 Budgeting Apps

Why use a budgeting app? Well, apparently, not everyone loves spreadsheets. I know, can you believe it?! Budgeting and tracking your cash flow is the cornerstone of managing your personal

wooden gate in the countryside

How to set Financial Boundaries

Your ability to grow wealth relies on your ability to effectively set financial boundaries. That means being able to say no. Both to yourself and to other people. According to

woman using a laptop to budget

Yes, you can use a budget spreadsheet (even if you hate maths!)

Can I let you in on a little secret? I’m actually not that good at maths. I can do basic calculations, but I’m definitely not the kind of person that

Christmas Presents

3 ways to avoid overspending at Christmas – without being a grinch

Christmas is a time when we want to splash out and show people we care.  However, this doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit has to drain your bank balance. Want to

What Triggers You, Controls You

For people who have only met me recently, it may be surprising to learn that I used to be quite angry. Certain things used to trigger me, mostly into defensiveness

Woman holding hands up to face to show imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: How it may be impacting your finances

You’ve probably heard of imposter syndrome before. But do you know exactly what it is? And did you know that imposter syndrome doesn’t just impact your mental health or opportunities

Why being Open-Minded is the key to your success

Picture this, I’m driving our rented RV across northern British Columbia, Canada, when I spot a sign out the front of a church. It says “Don’t be so open-minded your

Fearless Girl in front of bull to show buying shares

Buying Shares Part 3: The How

This is the third post in my three-part series on buying shares. If you haven’t read the first or the second post then head over there now. Those posts cover