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“It’s all about choices: creating wealth is about having the freedom and confidence to have the life you desire.”


I’m Jane. I am a former financial planner turned financial coach and money mindset expert. I am passionate about helping women transform their lives and I truly believe that it all starts with your mindset. Think of me as the Tony Robbins of personal finance, only a little bit shorter (OK, a LOT shorter). After years of providing detailed and complex financial strategies for clients who didn’t go on to implement them, I realised that what stops people becoming wealthy is about more than just knowing WHAT to do and all about WHY you do it – and that is determined by your relationship with money. 

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Is your relationship with money best described as…

“It’s complicated”

Is this you?

  • You know that to build wealth you need to earn more and spend less, but for some reason you’re just not following through or find yourself self-sabotaging (hello, spending habit);
  • You feel that financially you’re just not where you thought you’d be by now;
  • You feel like there’s never quite enough money and you’re not getting ahead despite the fact you earn good money and are successful in other areas of your life;
  • You worry about what your future is going to look like and whether the life you’ve always dreamed of is passing you by;
  • You want to work with someone who knows the practicalities of personal finance but also understands that as humans we need to be understood and supported

You are not alone.

I will help you find clarity on what’s holding you back, grow your confidence and give you the courage and support you need to make your dream life a reality. 
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So you’re ready to take the first step towards creating financial freedom? I offer three options to help you get there, depending on your budget and the level of support you’re looking for. 

Online Course

Conscious Cashflow is a online live group course giving you the budgeting system and mindset tools to save towards your financial goals - without ever feeling deprived or restricted.

Doors open for the next round in May 2022.

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Money Mindset Group Program

Group Program

Mind Money Mastery is a 12-week group coaching program to help you improve your relationship with money - so you can earn the money you deserve, spend well and have the life you want.

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1:1 Container

A completely personalised coaching experience for ambitious women who want a high level of support to create true abundance and have the wealth they desire.

2 sessions per month, held via Zoom.

Minimum 6 month commitment.