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A Wise Women Conversation About Money Beliefs

I wanted to share this recent podcast interview I did with Angela Counsel. We spoke about many of the money beliefs that are common to us as women.

Angela is a beautiful soul with a passion for women’s health. She is a naturopath and kinesiologist and as a coach, she helps women navigate menopause confidently.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the money beliefs that are common to many women. We also speak about the surprising similarity between the struggles of our relationship with money and food.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation.

Episode #63 – Minding Your Money

Our money beliefs can impact so many different areas of our lives including our health and often we are not even aware that this is happening. In this week’s episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Money Coach Jane Walters. Jane was a Financial Advisor for many years until she realised that while she was giving her clients the best advice it was their beliefs around money that was stopping them from getting the financial freedom that they desired.

Jane then decided to become a coach so that she could help her clients to address their beliefs around money. Many women in midlife were bought up to believe that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it was the husband’s role to provide financially for the family while the wife raised the children. While this is likely not how we are living our lives today, those belief systems are still embedded somewhere in the sub-conscious mind and might be impacting your financial decisions today.

It is not uncommon for women in mid-life to not have enough superannuation to support them for the rest of their life, this means that many women need to work for a lot longer than they might want to. Women are also living longer, so need more money to survive. All of these factors can leave women with very little money and options as they age.

This is a fascinating conversation with Jane as she shares some tips to help you to change your beliefs around money so that you can protect yourself financially in the future.