Get Out of Debt

A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Out of Debt Once and For All

If there is one thing that will hold you back from reaching financial freedom, it’s debt. Many of us are never really taught how to manage money properly. It certainly wasn’t taught at my school. You may even have parents that didn’t have great money habits. As a result, many people find themselves getting into …

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Money Rules

Money Rules

Until very recently I wasn’t even aware that I had Money Rules. Late last year I took part in an advanced course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, securing my NLP Master Practitioner qualification. As part of the course, the group took part in an exercise on modelling. Modelling is essentially the process of recreating excellence by understanding …

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Charity & Adundance

Charity & Abundance

Have you ever walked through a shopping centre, only to be accosted by someone in a coloured vest and a clipboard, asking you for a donation? They’re over-the-top friendly. They say “Hi!” and strike up a conversation. They may ask you a question, appealing to your kind and helpful nature. I understand that they’re just …

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