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Buying Shares Part 2: The What

This is the second blog post in my three-part series on buying shares. Have you read part one of this series? If not, I suggest you head on over there

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Buying Shares Part 1: The Why

There has been one thing that has been a constant and loyal companion in my journey of building wealth. And that is buying shares. I have been investing in shares


Being Brave Enough To Live Your Most Authentic Life

What would you do differently if you weren’t looking for other people’s approval? Would you be living a more authentic life? From the moment we’re born we are guided and


Financial Coach or Financial Planner – which one do you need?

In Australia, Financial Coaching is a relatively new concept. So, it’s understandable that not everyone understands the difference between a financial coach and a financial planner. I’ve been both, so

Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep: Why having more money is about mindset not a pay rise

If you’ve ever had a pay rise and then felt no better off, it’s probably because of a little thing known as lifestyle creep. No, it’s not some weirdo stalking

A feminine approach to money

Taking a Feminine Approach to Money

I recently sat down with Peter Crewe-Brown from PAIR Planning for a conversation about how I take a different, more feminine approach to money. The subconscious thoughts & patterns that

Be your own modern princess

Little Miss Independent: all about women and money

Women and Money. It’s a complicated relationship. With a complex history. As women, we are sold a lie – about money and about ourselves. Disney sells it to us, our

Canoneta Townhouse

Everything you need to know to buy a home

One of the most common financial goals that people have is to be able to buy a home. So many of us have aspirations for property ownership but often don’t

When Money is a Burden

When Money is a Burden

Capitalism sells us the idea that money will solve all our problems. We tend to think that if only we won the lottery (or some long-lost relative died and left