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Women and Money

Spread of food at a party

On Women, Food and Money

Food and Money have a lot in common. Yes, really! Have you ever been on a diet? One where you had to count calories, follow a strict meal plan or

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How to set Financial Boundaries

Your ability to grow wealth relies on your ability to effectively set financial boundaries. That means being able to say no. Both to yourself and to other people. According to

Woman holding hands up to face to show imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: How it may be impacting your finances

You’ve probably heard of imposter syndrome before. But do you know exactly what it is? And did you know that imposter syndrome doesn’t just impact your mental health or opportunities

Man holding phone with Amazon Stock price on it

Buying Shares Part 2: The What

This is the second blog post in my three-part series on buying shares. Have you read part one of this series? If not, I suggest you head on over there

A feminine approach to money

Taking a Feminine Approach to Money

I recently sat down with Peter Crewe-Brown from PAIR Planning for a conversation about how I take a different, more feminine approach to money. The subconscious thoughts & patterns that

Be your own modern princess

Little Miss Independent: all about women and money

Women and Money. It’s a complicated relationship. With a complex history. As women, we are sold a lie – about money and about ourselves. Disney sells it to us, our

When Money is a Burden

When Money is a Burden

Capitalism sells us the idea that money will solve all our problems. We tend to think that if only we won the lottery (or some long-lost relative died and left

pink tax

We Need to Talk about the Pink Tax

The Pink Tax. It sounds so cute, doesn’t it? But I can assure you it’s anything but. On 3rd October 2018, Australian State and Territory treasurers FINALLY agreed to remove

manage money as a couple

How to Manage Your Money as a Couple

Whether you’re just starting a relationship, getting more serious or have been together for years, it’s good to think intentionally about how you want to manage your money as a