Podcast Interview

Talking about Career Change After 40

Today I wanted to share with you a podcast interview I did with Shandra Moran about making a career change after 40.

Shandra is an Executive and Career Coach who helps successful women move from the corporate world into starting their own business. She believes it’s possible for us to live in a world where every person we interact with is doing what they love (how amazing would that be! She wants to help as many people as possible to create that world, by earning great money, doing what they love and without burning out.

I loved this conversation with Shandra, she has a real spark! We speak about my philosophy around balancing the masculine and feminine and how I bring that into financial coaching, as well as talking about some of the challenges I have had with my own relationship with money. We also dive into why I left financial planning and how much more fulfilled I am as a coach.

I really hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Come over to Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and let me know what you thought.

In this podcast interview Jane shares with Shandra:

  • A quote she loves that is appropriate to this podcast interview series
  • Her ‘woo woo’ side and interest in masculine and feminine energies
  • The difference between how change looks once it’s made vs when you’re making it
  • The support and criticism of others when she made the decision
  • How she tackled the financial side
  • The best thing she invested in – even though it felt like a stretch